It doesn't matter what the event is, or even how big it is, you will probably have an element of command and control.  Someone has to be in charge to make decisions and allow for event to run smoothly.


All sections of the event will have their own structure.  Security staff and the stewards will have their own chain of command, the catering staff will have some form of supervisor and the cleaning staff will have someone in charge.  When it comes to the medical side of the event, there is also a requirement to have a comand and control function on site.  It could cost lives without one - it is that important. 


At Vie Medic Services Ltd we have the ability to put in place everything from a simple command structure of one supervisor and subsequent clinical staff below him/her, up to a Silver (Tactical) Commander to act as an Ambulance Incident Officer (AIO) with Bronze (Operational) Commanders taking up specific roles with the subsequent clinical staff below them. 


As our managers are current NHS ambulance service supervisors and managers, you can be assured we have the knowledge and experience of

incidents and events of all scales including response to major incidents.  This knowledge is essential should an incident occur during an event in order to provide the patients a speedy and appropriate response to emergencies.


Working alongside the command structure we can set up an Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) whether on site or remote.  This ensures all communication is co-ordinated in a structured fashion. 


Lack of, or poor communication, is regularly noted as the main failure in large incidents that have been subject to an inquiry.  Vie Medic Services Ltd employs NHS ambulance service despatchers and team leaders to work in the EOC.  This allows us to provide you with a professional communication system at any event.