At Vie Medic Services Ltd you get expert event first aid and medical cover at a fraction of the cost of other providers.  We promise to only provide quality, professional staff who are dedicated and motivated.  We always tailor our services to suit the event using various risk assessment documents, HSE guidance and experience.


We guarantee to send the most suitable and appropriate resources.  We will work around you not the other way around.   We have found this to be the best approach to ensure your costs are kept to a minimum while still remaining safe.


To find out more about each grade of staff we offer, including our first aiders and Paramedics, please use the titles on the left of this page.


We are aware that there are occasions where we may be required to be on site but not be appropriate to stand out above the officials, guests or members of the public.  Should a more covert approach be required our staff will blend in with your guests, and become noticable only in an emergency.